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“NOT more werewolves!” No, hear the wolves of the Touraine!

Further to my blogs on local werewolves, Susan, at Days on the Claise, has just posted a terrific blog on the history of wolves in the Touraine ~ and her descriptions of wolves devouring children is a real howl! (Sorry, … Continue reading

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Werewolves in the Touraine ~ the case of Jacques Roulet

I’ve had a lot of hits on my recent Little Red Riding Hood blog so here’s more on the belief in and persecution of men thought to be werewolves in 16th Century France. Fear of werewolves was very real in … Continue reading

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Little Red Riding Hood ~ the French version ~ read if you dare!

In 1598 a man named Jacques Raollet was tried as a werewolf in Angers, Touraine. In the  15th to 17th centuries there were numerous werewolf trials in France ~ it was the masculine counterpart to the witch hysteria of the … Continue reading

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