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Happy Fête de la Chandeleur!

Hi all and a very happy Fête de la Chandeleur or as we would say in the UK, Happy Candlemas. La Chandeleur is a Christian religious holiday with pagan roots. It falls on 2nd February, 40 days after Christmas Day, … Continue reading

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Ligueil ~ a story about its church, St Martin’s

Today, Sandra and I visited our nearby market town of Ligueil in the South Touraine. Our visit inspired me to write a little about its parish church. The first record of the town was in 775 when it was called … Continue reading

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Little Red Riding Hood ~ the French version ~ read if you dare!

In 1598 a man named Jacques Raollet was tried as a werewolf in Angers, Touraine. In the  15th to 17th centuries there were numerous werewolf trials in France ~ it was the masculine counterpart to the witch hysteria of the … Continue reading

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