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History of the silk industry in the Touraine Region, France

The best-known type of silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm. The lustrous appearance of silk cloth is due to the triangular prism-like structure of its fibre. It is this structure that allows silk … Continue reading

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The strange death of Louis XI at Plessis-les-Tours, 1483

Below are a number of extracts from Philippe de Commyne’s Memoirs of king Louis XI’s (1423 – 1483) time at the château of Plessis-les Tours which lies to the west of Tours.  The château was built in middle of the … Continue reading

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Plessis-les-Tours ~ some interesting facts

The château of Plessis-les Tours is to the west of Tours. It was built in middle of the 15th Century under instructions from Louis XI. The above image is from, Visages de la Touraine in my collection. Here are some … Continue reading

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