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Palaeolithic Worked Flint Tools, Grand Pressigny ~ a short paper by John Evans (1823-1908)

Further to my recent post; the 1868 Journal Offrint on Palaeolithic Worked Flint Tools, Grand Pressigny, by John Evans FRS, FSA, FGS is reproduced below. The author, John Evans, came from a paper-making business background however “outside his business life … Continue reading

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Palaeolithic Worked Flint Tools, Grand Pressigny, 1867 ~ Journal Offprint

Well, I’ve just successfully bid for a Journal Offprint on EBAY. It’s, On the worked flints of Pressigny Le Grand, by John Evans and is from Archaeolgia Volume 40, 1867. It contains; 8 pages, plus 2 full-page illustrations/line drawings of … Continue reading

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Old advertising signs in the Touraine and an appeal for more!

One feature of life in the Touraine is the number of old advertising signage – metal, carved or painted on walls – seen in practically every village and certainly every town. They often refer to defunct products and companies. They … Continue reading

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Short films of old Touraine and the Centre Region, France

There’s a new archive of old films(mostly amateur 8/16mm film) of aspects of daily life and celebrations in the Touraine and the Centre Region. In total there are 3,858 films with a total playing time of 358 hours. My thanks … Continue reading

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Descartes: French Resistance and the Demarcation Line

When France signed L’Armistice on  June 22, 1940 the Germans set up a whole series of measure to limit the circulation of the people, goods and the postal traffic between two zones either side of the ‘Demarcation Line’ which separated … Continue reading

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Bread oven ~ near Le Grand Pressigny, South Touraine

Further to my past blogs on communal bread ovens, here are a few images of the bread oven at the property my friends, Nev and Cally, are renting. The house is part of a small collection of the most beautiful … Continue reading

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snatching occasional glipses of other ways to live ~ events alternative in the South Touraine

So, it’s interesting, (as I sit immersed in  a pile of books on 16th Century Touraine or tinker with drafts of short-run pamphlets on 17th Century radical English sects to jazz-on-i-player-3)  it’s interesting to snatch occasional glimpses of other ways … Continue reading

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‘Le champ des livres’ ~ Pre-history talks and events in the Touraine

“Le champ des livre”  is a local association linked with or perhaps run by Friends of the Museum of Pre-History at Le Grand Pressigny in the South Touraine. They have a blog website http://prehistoirenomade.blogspot.com/ and it is worth clicking on … Continue reading

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Le Grand Presigny ~ images from the 1940s

Looking through my recent purchase, Visages de la Touraine, I came across these two images of the Chateau at Le Grand Pressigny, South Touraine.  

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Troglodyte life in Paulmy, South Touraine

Like many villages, towns and hamlets of the Touraine, such as Le Grand Pressigny, Paulmy, in the Touraine du Sud, is no exception in having its own troglodyte dwellings. Last summer I, Sandra and our friends, Graham and Lisa, were … Continue reading

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