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Wine-making in the Touraine during World War II: a story of Resistance and Resilliance

Over the past 4-5 weeks I’ve been talking with Florence Rowland a researcher for the London-based TV/Film company, Jura Productions. Jura make programmes about wine and were interested in finding out more about wine-making in the Loire Valley during the … Continue reading

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Forgotten Heroes – Channel Islander Resistance during WW2

Over the holiday period I was reading a book published in 1946 of the experience of Nazi occupation in the Channel Islands, ‘Jersey under the Nazi Jackboot’. I’ve also come across this University of Cambridge video dealing with resistance by … Continue reading

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Descartes: French Resistance and the Demarcation Line

When France signed L’Armistice on  June 22, 1940 the Germans set up a whole series of measure to limit the circulation of the people, goods and the postal traffic between two zones either side of the ‘Demarcation Line’ which separated … Continue reading

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The Polish population in France and the Touraine (1800-2000)

Until August 28, 2011 at the National Museum of the History of Immigration, Paris is hosting an exhibition;  POLONIA: Poles in France since 1830.  It features materials from the archives of the Indre-et-Loire (the Touraine). The aim of the Paris … Continue reading

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South Touraine ~ local events Spring 2011

Here are three events for you to visit & enjoy this Spring in the Touraine du Sud: Firstly – Blues and Blues-Rock nights at L’Union Bar & Restaurant in Paulmy. The bar is open until 1am and you can reserve … Continue reading

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Parachutist rescued by bubbly Vouvray boy!

Earlier this month I came across Dave Kasper’s Touraine blog, Select Wine Journeys and discovered this interesting and moving story. One September morning, local Canadian resident, Dave Kasper, was leading one of his group walks. This time the walk centred … Continue reading

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