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The Vendée War of 1773-1799 ~ the Loire valley during the French Revolution

Following the French Revolution of 1789 one part of the Loire population became pitted against another. Basically, while the inhabitants of towns quickly saw the benefits accruing from the Revolution, rural peasants were inclined to oppose change (1). This led … Continue reading

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Halloween/Toussaint and the nature of French cemetaries

Every year on the 1st November the Catholic festival of La Toussaint (All Saint’s Day) is a celebrated in churches and graveyards across France. Officially it is the day when all the saints recognised by the Catholic Church are honoured. … Continue reading

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Wayside crosses and crucifixes of France ~ what do they symbolise?

One of the striking features of rural France is the number of crosses (i.e. without a depiction of Christ) and crucifixes (a cross with a depiction of Christ) that can be found at many crossroads and at entries to villages … Continue reading

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Phew! Q, what a rollicking good read!

I recently finished reading ‘Q’ a novel by Luthur Blissett, Arrow Books. It’s a book that blasts you through the religious wars of 16th Century Northern Europe at a cracking pace. The authors (all four of them) are truly steeped … Continue reading

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