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St Anthony’s church in Loches, Touraine, Central France

Well, the church of St Anthony in Loches has had a renovation of late. By the entrance there has also appeared a 15th Century crucifix and a couple of information boards from which is gleaned the following: 1. “St Anthony’s … Continue reading

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The monks of St. Martin of Tours killed in their luxury

Below is a copy of “The monks of St. Martin of Tours killed in their luxury” from a French manuscript dated, c. 1451-1472. I’ve no idea what the story is behind this recorded event. There was a massacre of monks … Continue reading

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Image of St Martin of Tours, 1407

This image from a Book of Hours, dated 1407, shows St Martin of Tours. A Book of Hours was a devotional book popular in the Middle Ages. It was a kind of prayer book alongside which were rich illustrations from … Continue reading

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The Vendée War of 1773-1799 ~ the Loire valley during the French Revolution

Following the French Revolution of 1789 one part of the Loire population became pitted against another. Basically, while the inhabitants of towns quickly saw the benefits accruing from the Revolution, rural peasants were inclined to oppose change (1). This led … Continue reading

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Halloween/Toussaint and the nature of French cemetaries

Every year on the 1st November the Catholic festival of La Toussaint (All Saint’s Day) is a celebrated in churches and graveyards across France. Officially it is the day when all the saints recognised by the Catholic Church are honoured. … Continue reading

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Marmoutier Abbey of Tours, Loire Valley: wars, popes, wine and women

Marmoutier Abbey was founded by Saint Martin of Tours (316-397), circa 372, after he had been made Bishop of Tours in 371. In 853 the original abbey was pillaged and destroyed by the Normans. Shortly after 1000 AD, the abbey … Continue reading

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The Grotto at Paulmy in the South Touraine, France

Deep in the woods surrounding the old Chateau of Paulmy in the South Touraine there is a Catholic Grotte (Grotto) to the Virgin Mary. I was guided to it by Julie Vasina who, with her husband, lives and runs the … Continue reading

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