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The history of this beautiful town of 1,000 inhabitants.

Palaeolithic Worked Flint Tools, Grand Pressigny ~ a short paper by John Evans (1823-1908)

Further to my recent post; the 1868 Journal Offrint on Palaeolithic Worked Flint Tools, Grand Pressigny, by John Evans FRS, FSA, FGS is reproduced below. The author, John Evans, came from a paper-making business background however “outside his business life … Continue reading

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Palaeolithic Worked Flint Tools, Grand Pressigny, 1867 ~ Journal Offprint

Well, I’ve just successfully bid for a Journal Offprint on EBAY. It’s, On the worked flints of Pressigny Le Grand, by John Evans and is from Archaeolgia Volume 40, 1867. It contains; 8 pages, plus 2 full-page illustrations/line drawings of … Continue reading

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Old advertising signs in the Touraine and an appeal for more!

One feature of life in the Touraine is the number of old advertising signage – metal, carved or painted on walls – seen in practically every village and certainly every town. They often refer to defunct products and companies. They … Continue reading

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Short films of old Touraine and the Centre Region, France

There’s a new archive of old films(mostly amateur 8/16mm film) of aspects of daily life and celebrations in the Touraine and the Centre Region. In total there are 3,858 films with a total playing time of 358 hours. My thanks … Continue reading

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Descartes: French Resistance and the Demarcation Line

When France signed L’Armistice on  June 22, 1940 the Germans set up a whole series of measure to limit the circulation of the people, goods and the postal traffic between two zones either side of the ‘Demarcation Line’ which separated … Continue reading

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Bread oven ~ near Le Grand Pressigny, South Touraine

Further to my past blogs on communal bread ovens, here are a few images of the bread oven at the property my friends, Nev and Cally, are renting. The house is part of a small collection of the most beautiful … Continue reading

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snatching occasional glipses of other ways to live ~ events alternative in the South Touraine

So, it’s interesting, (as I sit immersed in  a pile of books on 16th Century Touraine or tinker with drafts of short-run pamphlets on 17th Century radical English sects to jazz-on-i-player-3)  it’s interesting to snatch occasional glimpses of other ways … Continue reading

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