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St Anthony’s church in Loches, Touraine, Central France

Well, the church of St Anthony in Loches has had a renovation of late. By the entrance there has also appeared a 15th Century crucifix and a couple of information boards from which is gleaned the following: 1. “St Anthony’s … Continue reading

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The town of Descartes and the “gabelle” tax on salt

In France the word “gabelle” originally referred to general taxation, but from the 15th century onwards it was associated with the tax on salt. For administrative tax collection purposes the country was divided up into about 30 regions. Royalist officials … Continue reading

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The Vendée War of 1773-1799 ~ the Loire valley during the French Revolution

Following the French Revolution of 1789 one part of the Loire population became pitted against another. Basically, while the inhabitants of towns quickly saw the benefits accruing from the Revolution, rural peasants were inclined to oppose change (1). This led … Continue reading

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Maillé and Luynes in the Touraine ~ C17th images by Louis Boudan

The commune of Maillé in the Touraine is burned into the minds of many as the place of the Second World War massacre. But, of course, the small town and its surrounding district has more history than that single tragic … Continue reading

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A History Question – and a prize for the first person to get the answer!

Q. What is the deadly connection between Halifax in Yorkshire, England and the French Revolution? The first person to get this question correct will win a prize! I look forward to hearing from you all.

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Marmoutier Abbey of Tours, Loire Valley: wars, popes, wine and women

Marmoutier Abbey was founded by Saint Martin of Tours (316-397), circa 372, after he had been made Bishop of Tours in 371. In 853 the original abbey was pillaged and destroyed by the Normans. Shortly after 1000 AD, the abbey … Continue reading

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Restaurant – funny word that – what’s its origins?

The word ‘Restaurant’ derives from the French verb restaurer,  meaning to restore. It was first used in France in the 16th century, to describe the thick and cheap  soups sold by street vendors that were advertised to restore your health. … Continue reading

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History of the silk industry in the Touraine Region, France

The best-known type of silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm. The lustrous appearance of silk cloth is due to the triangular prism-like structure of its fibre. It is this structure that allows silk … Continue reading

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Keep the British £? Je ne le crois pas. It’s French don’t you know! Read on and the penny may drop.

The silver coin of the Early Middle Ages pictured on the left is known as the “Tornesel  of Tours”  (also referred to as the “denier Tournois”, “Tournesion “, “Tornsol” or “Tornese”). It  was minted, or struck, at Tours from 1266 … Continue reading

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Langeais in the Touraine ~ a history timeline

Langeais is one of the oldest towns in the Touraine Region and lies on the border with Anjou in the small valley of the Roumer River. Historically speaking, its people have suffered from being in the frontline of various battles … Continue reading

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