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Maillé and Luynes in the Touraine ~ C17th images by Louis Boudan

The commune of Maillé in the Touraine is burned into the minds of many as the place of the Second World War massacre. But, of course, the small town and its surrounding district has more history than that single tragic … Continue reading

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Keep the British £? Je ne le crois pas. It’s French don’t you know! Read on and the penny may drop.

The silver coin of the Early Middle Ages pictured on the left is known as the “Tornesel  of Tours”  (also referred to as the “denier Tournois”, “Tournesion “, “Tornsol” or “Tornese”). It  was minted, or struck, at Tours from 1266 … Continue reading

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Loches at war: 1359

The last French campaign of the 100 Years War of Edward III was between 1359-60. Once more the Loire Valley and the Touraine were pivotal regarding victory or defeat. As I mentioned in an earlier blog Gascony is the area … Continue reading

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French Medieval images ~ on line at the Bodleian Library

I thought many readers would be interested in viewing the thousands of Medieval document images that have been digitalised by the Bodleian Library, Oxford, England. The images range from quirky marginal drawings, full pages from French illuminated manuscripts, maps of … Continue reading

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