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…and yet more on old signage in France….

Further to my previous posts on ‘ghost signs’ on various walls in the Touraine, the BBC has just posted an interesting article on the subject: My previous posts can be found at:

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So, you think you know Descartes?

So, the other day I walked around the centre of Descartes in the South Touraine….going up off-beat streets….and recording various images of interest. A prize of a bottle of wine to the person who can guess the location of each … Continue reading

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St Anthony’s church in Loches, Touraine, Central France

Well, the church of St Anthony in Loches has had a renovation of late. By the entrance there has also appeared a 15th Century crucifix and a couple of information boards from which is gleaned the following: 1. “St Anthony’s … Continue reading

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Château de Comacre, lost château of the Touraine

To the north of St Maure de Touraine and near Sainte-Catherine-de-Fierbois once stood the Château de Comacre. Built in 1845 in neo-Gothic English (or Tudor) by the Marquis de Lussac to plans by Sylvain Chateigner, it was destroyed by fire in … Continue reading

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The Château of Le Chatelier ~ views from a lower moat

When the moat of the château of Le Chatelier was drained recently advantage was taken to do some running repairs to the entrance bridge. Since the moat was re-filled the water level has been rather lower than it was; this … Continue reading

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Le Chatelier, South Touraine, Loire Valley

Sometimes, just sometimes of an morning when the sun is rising, the white walls of the château of Le Chatelier turn a stunning pink.

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More on old ads in the Touraine

Hi all A while back I posted a blog on old advertising signs of the Touraine Region. Well, I noticed that our neighbouring French blogger in Poitou-Charents has also posed similar images for his region – but he’s taken it … Continue reading

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