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Demarccation Line, Descartes, South Touraine

It seems that no matter how often you visit a place there’s always something new…something you’ve missed. Here’s the Demarcation Line marker at the very edge of the town, on the Avenue du Maréchal Leclerc.       Advertisements

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The town of Descartes and the “gabelle” tax on salt

In France the word “gabelle” originally referred to general taxation, but from the 15th century onwards it was associated with the tax on salt. For administrative tax collection purposes the country was divided up into about 30 regions. Royalist officials … Continue reading

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Tobacco growing today in France ~ with images from the Creuse Valley, Central France

Last month my friends Roger and Kath took a number of excellent photos of the tobacco fields near where they live in the Creuse Valley close to the town of Descartes. They’ve kindly shared them with me to post on … Continue reading

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Images and info on the barrage on the River Creuse, Descartes, South Touraine

Construction of the original dam, or barrage, was started in 1857 and completed in 1861. It was linked to the hydro-electric generation plant that supplied electricity to the Mame paper mills in La Haye-Descartes. This power supply continued right up … Continue reading

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Descartes ~ The Conty-Freson Resistance Network and the Pont Henri IV

Anyone who visits the town of Descartes in the South Touraine surly can not help but be impressed by the sight of the majestic River Creuse with its ten-arched bridge and the remarkable memorial on the Descartes side dedicated to … Continue reading

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