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Hi all

This blog is all about more unorthodox takes on the social history of the Touraine. Feel free to suggest areas of research and discussion – and please add your comments as you see fit. I’ll be pleased to add links to your site if appropriate.

About me: I live in the hamlet of Le Chatelier (see below) in the commune of Paulmy in the South Touraine 37. I moved there from Bristol, UK in 2008 along with my wife, Sandra.

It’s great experiencing living in a Republic. The people in the Region are friendly, helpful and create the most delicious wines and cheeses. What more could a man want!?

Enjoy the blog and I look forward to enjoying your contributions.


18 Responses to About this blog

  1. Gregory Saldi says:

    Hi Jim, I was really happy to stumble over your blog. I live in Loches but will move to Descartes this summer. If you have some free moments we would love to share an apero with you to talk the history of Descartes and all that you know about the area!

    • Jim McNeill says:

      Hi Gregory….so sorry not to get back to you earlier. Have you now moved to Descartes? I live in the hamlet of Le Chatelier in the commune of Paulmy, just 10k from Descartes. I will be here until Friday, 17th June when I will be going back to the UK. If you want to come by for an apero on Wednesday that that would be great…just drom am a line at jjjmcneill@gmail.com Regards, Jim

  2. pamela says:

    Hi Jim
    I’m trying to get in touch with you regarding an article I’m writing on Bristol glass. I saw you were (are?) part of the Bristol Radical History Group. Would you be able to email me pamela@bristol247.com
    Many thanks

  3. william says:

    bonjour ,
    j’habite preuilly sur claise je suis très interresé par le patrimoine de touraine
    et je trouve votre démarche trés intéressante , je suis ravis de cette découverte ,bravo et merci…

  4. Hello again, I wonder if you have any thoughts on this topic. Just up the road from where we live in the Vienne is a metal cross and on the stone plinth below it says ‘Mission 1955’ It is not in a populated area it is on a small road with a much smaller road branching off and a track on the other side, so it is a crossroad but only just.
    Now at the moment I am reading a book called The discovery of France by Graham Robb it is very interesting and quite an eye opener to me. I would recomend it. It says on page120 of the book that the church often used ancient sacred sites to promote christianity. in the 18th centuary ‘ the church was still planting crosses on sacred sites. The aim of this cuckoo-like activity was to give the cross the benifit of the respect and religous thoughts that were attached to the site, Prayers to the local deity would be intecepted by the cross and redirected to Christian heaven.’

    He goes on to say ‘There is plenty of evidence on the back roads of France that this spiritual war was being fought quite recently. Crosses commemorating missions at the end of the ninteenth century often stand at cross roads next to modern road signs , electricity substations and communal rubbish containers.’
    In fact the one I am talking about does have rubbish containers on the opposite side of the road but this is 1955 not the end of the 19th century….. Over to you.

  5. david says:

    great website we holiday in le grand pressigny each year and felt so sorry the rustic 5 course lunch in the union bar had stopped last year good luck david

    • Jim McNeill says:

      Hi David – Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments. I don’t know if you’re aware but my wife, Sandra, and I are working with the Commune of Paulmy and the local Community of Communes to take over and run L’Union. Fingers crossed – we’re a long way down the path but still away to go!

  6. We forgot to tell you that we have officially open our “chambre d’hotes” our “bed and breakfast” in LA CELLE GUENAND.
    So, here is our web site.
    Have a nice evening
    Tina and Christian

  7. Sorry if I cut my preview message. Of course my english is really bad, but I’m sure that my invitation for an “aperitif musical en live” is understood.
    We’ll be busy from 18th of march to 19 of april (contracts in Paris then in south of Spain).
    Best regards

  8. Luc Daé et moi même serions heureux de vous rencontrer soit chez nous à LA CELLE GUENAND soit chez vous. Nous pourrions animer un peu un apéritif en musique avec quelques extraits de notre répertoire (for free of course, a gift for our british friends!!)

    • Jim McNeill says:

      Cela sonne bien, mais nous ne savons pas quand nous serons de retour dans la TOURAINE. Peut-être au cours de la semaine dernière en Avril et 1er semaine de mai? Ne garder le contact. xx

  9. Thanks a lot for your invite, and it will be with great pleasure we would have accepted it, but, Luc Daé, my musician in Touraine and his wife, are on summer holidays, and, my husband and I, we’ll go to Cannes and Monaco to see our children, and our grandson. We’ll arrange for august, if you agree. If you want to sing with me one or two songs, even more, come and meet us at the “fête de la musique” in Loches, tuesday 21st of june at 20 or 21h, free admission or at LA CROIX DES GARDES restaurant, in CHANCEAUX PRES LOCHES, but, you must book at the restaurant.
    Have a nice week.
    Best regards.

  10. Hi Jim and Sandra, I was so glad to meet you at Alice Café in LA CELLE GUENAND. Braaavoooo for this blog!! very “professionnal”! This blog is a tresor for people who want know more about our little piece of old France, LA TOURAINE.

    • Jim McNeill says:

      Hi Martine,
      It was also great to meet with you the other day.
      Thank you for your kind words about my history blog – I am glad you enjoyed it.
      I visited your website & have downloaded your sample tracks ~ you sound great.
      In a couple of weeks time would you and Luc like to come to our house one evening for a meal? Let me know the best evenings for you both.
      Kind regards,

  11. Rowena says:

    lovely to see those photos – thanks – a reminder of a really wonderful time. Also good to get a bit of background for Navas. I can’t wait to return this year.

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