Cosette FRÉVAL ~ weaver of hemp, linen and wool ~ Saint Rémy-sur-Creuse (86)

BannerA few days ago Sandra and I had the pleasure of meeting  with a local artisan weaver and fabric designer, Cosette FRÉVAL.

Weaving 2Cosette has been interested in weaving since she was 18 years of age. She, with her husband, Guy,  moved to Saint Rémy-sur-Creuse some 17 years ago.

For Cosette, one of the attractions of this small village in the north of Vienne, was the close proximity of  Ethni’Cite, where hemp weaving was a staple occupation for the trogladite inhabitants from the 17th Century until quite recent times.

For several years Cosette has participated in a summer shows at Ethni’Cite and she has assisted the local conservation association to gradually reconstruct the working of hemp from its harvesting to the finished fabric and useful products. In order to exhibit the art of spinning Cosette had to learn how to spin wool and this lead to the the spinning of flax and hemp.

Her beautiful workshop and boutique are well worth visiting and Cosette also runs workshops….just contact her for further details.

Cosette FRÉVAL, Port de Rives   86220 SAINT REMY SUR CREUSE

05 49 21 20 88

Weaving Spinning

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