Le Chatelier, South Touraine ~ postcard of the ford crossing of the Brignon river

Here’s a lovely postcard image (c1920s) of the old ford crossing of the River Brignon at the village of Le Chatelier in the South Touraine. The metal bridge and embankments which are now in place were only constucted after the Second World War.

Enjoy….just pause the slideshow below and right click to save or copy any image.

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I am a blogger on 'The Social History of the Touraine region of France (37)' and also 'The Colonial History of Pennsylvania and the life & Family of William Penn'. I am a Director of Fresh Ground Group Ltd.
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4 Responses to Le Chatelier, South Touraine ~ postcard of the ford crossing of the Brignon river

  1. Jim McNeill says:

    Hi (just realised the significance of ‘drofmit’ – it takes me a while you know),
    Thanks for the message.
    Yep, I’ve been v quiet on the blog front of late. Just come back from giving a series of history talks in cities across NE USA…..prior to that I was preparing what I was going to show & say + earning a crust through my day job! So, the vanishing act is over and I’m currently enjoying the fine English summer.
    Sandra and I are coming over to France for a week in about 12 days time. Then we’re back in the UK for a short time before going back over for 2-3 weeks. So, we’ll meet up with all our France friends asap.
    Re the bar……we’re waiting to hear if the Community of Communes is going to be awarded the grant they’ve applied for to do the necessary work on L’Union to get it up and running….fingers crossed. It is taking an age, though.
    Hope all is well at t’forge.

    • drofmit4108 says:

      I hope the weather clears up a BIT for your first visit as well as the big stay. We had 24.3mm of rain today. The Tomatoes look as tho’ they’re shrinking… not growing! The weeds and grass think it is WUNDERFULL… if the ford was still there you’d probably have to come in from the Paulmy/Grand Pressigny road… are we worried? Pour me another glass of red and I’ll think about that!!
      See you soon!

  2. drofmit4108 says:

    Lovely… thought you’d vanished!
    Are you keeping well?
    Are you over here enjoying the rain or over there enjoying the heavier rain?
    And what news on l’Union?

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