Château of Amboise in the Loire Valley ~ C18th and C19th images

Further to my recent blog on C18th & C19th images of Amboise by Bergeron and other artists, below are further images of the Château of Amboise in the Loire Valley of the Touraine. They are by a number of different painters and photographers and cover the 18th and 19th centuries ~ enjoy.

Here are brief biographies of some of the artists represented in the slideshow below.
Jacques Rigaud, (1681-1754) was an artist who plugged into the trend amongst English and European artists and printmakers to record the significant architectural buildings and natural beauty of their respective counties. His topographical prints were aimed at English and foreign tourists who wanted mementos of their travels in France and also for those who stayed at home but also collected topographical prints of foreign parts. It was by joining this printing trend that Jacques Rigaud made a name for himself in both France and England and became one of the most successful of France’s landscape engravers. As well as producing a large series of French-based works Rigaud also worked for a while in England .
Jean-Philippe Sarazin (17..-1795)  That he died in Paris is the only information I have been able to find on this artist.
J. Jacquemin (17..-18..) I am unable to find further information on this artist/designer who produced this excellent map of Amboise’s Château.
SeraphimMédéric Mieusement He was born in France in the town of Gonneville-la-Mallet in the Haute-Normandie region of northern France. in 1840. He was an architectural photographer who specialised in photographing the country’s historic monuments and established himself at Blois in the Loire Valley. He exhibited in London in 1862 and the French Society of Photography in 1864.
He was admitted to the French Photographic Society and became president of the Society of Arts in  Tours. Between 1893-1894, he worked in Algeria as part of a project for the Department of Culture before retiring in Blois He also worked with the architect Félix Duban responsible for restoring the château of Blois and it was at Blois that he died in 1905.
George Charles Aid was born in Quincy, Illinois, USA in 1872 and attended art school in Saint Louis from 1893-97 working as a newspaper illustrator to earn a living. In 1899 he was granted a scholarship to study in Paris, then the art capital of the world. Aid lived and worked in Paris until 1912, sharing rooms in Montparnasse with the American Impressionist painter Richard Emil Miller. After a time in Italy he returned to America at the outbreak of World War One. In the USA he established an artists’ colony at Tryon, North Carolina, where he died in 1938. Aid’s etchings were strongly influenced by those of James McNeill Whistler (see my earlier post on Whistler’s visit to the Touraine, 1888).
Étienne Neurdein – see my earlier post on the Neurdein Brothers.

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