Palaeolithic Worked Flint Tools, Grand Pressigny ~ a short paper by John Evans (1823-1908)

Further to my recent post; the 1868 Journal Offrint on Palaeolithic Worked Flint Tools, Grand Pressigny, by John Evans FRS, FSA, FGS is reproduced below.

The author, John Evans, came from a paper-making business background however “outside his business life he followed his hobbies of coin collecting (numismatics) and of geology.  This was to lead to his publication of three books still considered as standard works today – Flint implements of the Drift (1861), The Ancient Stone Implements Weapons and Ornaments of Great Britain (1872) and The Ancient Bronze Implements Weapons and Ornaments of Great Britain and Ireland (1881)….He was Secretary, Treasurer or President of nearly all of the learned societies, (Geological, Geographical, Royal Society, Anthropological Institute, Society of Antiquaries, Egypt Exploration society and of the Society of Civil Engineers)”. (source:

The paper itself makes for an interesting read both for those who live and work in the Le Grand Pressigny area (it includes names of local farms – La Claisière and  La Doucetterie – as well as traditional local names for the flints, the earth, etc) and for those who are interested in the development of modern understanding of the flint-working remains found throughout Europe.

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You can view and save a larger version of any of the images below by just right-clicking on an image and choose ‘view image’ – you can then download by right-clicking and chosing ‘save image as’. Have fun.

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3 Responses to Palaeolithic Worked Flint Tools, Grand Pressigny ~ a short paper by John Evans (1823-1908)

  1. J. L. Katzman says:

    The publication is about the neolithic (not paleolithic) implements
    Best Regards

    • Jim McNeill says:

      Hi JLK – An interesting point. As I understand it – from my reading of long ago in North Yorkshire – ‘paleolithic’ is stone age and ‘neolithic’ (new stone tool era) is the period when humans acted upon and developed stone tools a step further. Is this correct? And, did this distinctions exist when Evans wrote his paper?

      • JL Katzman says:

        Of course! The term “Paleolithic” and “Neolithic” were coined by archaeologist John Lubbock in 1865. paleolithic referres to a mobile lfestyle of hunter-gatherers and neolithic to the era of sedentism and farming

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