The Grotto at Paulmy in the South Touraine, France

Deep in the woods surrounding the old Chateau of Paulmy in the South Touraine there is a Catholic Grotte (Grotto) to the Virgin Mary. I was guided to it by Julie Vasina who, with her husband, lives and runs the beautiful gite complex at the Domaine du Chateau de Paulmy.

Domaine du Chateau de Paulmy

Domaine du Chateau de Paulmy ~ part of its grounds

The Grotte itself is now very overgrown and neglected but once it was the site of a communal procession which was conducted annually between 1885 to 1955. The Grotte to the Virgin Mary is actually named Lourdes Park Paulmy. The parkland was laid out and landscaped around 1860. An artificial cave or Grotte is a faithful replica of the cave at    Lourdes and was built at the initiative of Gertrude de Stacpoole, Marquise d’Oyron, and was blessed on December 25, 1885.


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4 Responses to The Grotto at Paulmy in the South Touraine, France

  1. Colin Dyson says:

    Nice one Jim, ‘lived’ at the chateau for 3 months a knew nothing of the grotto. Hope were going to see it tomorrow. Colin XX

  2. Thanks a lot for this wonderful “news” – we didn’t know this place, and I wish to go and pray in this place. Thanks dear friend. I promise you that, when I achieve my concerts’ season, we’ll go to “discover’ our “gorgeous” countryside. See you tomorrow for the “walk”. Kind regards

    • Jim McNeill says:

      Looking forward to meeting with you again this afternoon. Jim

    • Jim McNeill says:

      Hi Martine
      Sorry you could not make the walk on Saturday – I hope everything is OK with you?
      Sandra and I would still like you and your husband to come to our house for dinner one evening.
      We are away for the next three weeks ~ are you both free after that?
      Warmest regards,

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