Sunday 19 June at Abilly (near Descartes) a Brocante plus a Fête de la Confiture!

Yes it’s Summer and Brocante-time in the Touraine.

The church and the theatre to the right, Abilly

Tomorrow, Sunday, June 19 at there will be a combination of a Brocante PLUS! a Fête de la Confiture with a competition for the best jam on show, live music, etc!

Also, the folk from the “Ferrière-Larçon History and Heritage Association” will be there selling a selection of various folk art antiques, books, pottery ware, etc … to raise money to continue the restoration of the heritage of their small, charming village …

If you’ve never been to Abilly, and it’s quite easy to by-pass it, then make this the opportunity to do so and explore a little.

About Jim McNeill

I am a blogger on 'The Social History of the Touraine region of France (37)' and also 'The Colonial History of Pennsylvania and the life & Family of William Penn'. I am a Director of Fresh Ground Group Ltd.
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2 Responses to Sunday 19 June at Abilly (near Descartes) a Brocante plus a Fête de la Confiture!

  1. Jean says:

    It’s so annoying that we miss good things going on in our area because we are never there at the right time !! How I would have loved to be able to go to this event, as it’s just down the road from us. Abilly is such a nice little village – the walk down by the river behind the mill is lovely. Never mind, we can’t do everything – next year perhaps !!

    BTW Jim, do you have any idea why our own little brocante in Le Grand-Pressigny was cancelled this year?

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