Troglodyte living (human and other) in Le Chatelier, South Touraine, France

In common with the many hamlets and villages in the Touraine region, Le Chatelier has its tradition of troglodyte dwellings, but they are not perhaps as obvious as elsewhere.

The château itself has a number of underground workings and a subterranean escape route/refuge that was used, at least once, by its inhabitants during its long 900 years of history. I have yet to obtain full details of these hidden workings but hope to be able to provide further details soon. Meanwhile there are images available at the château’s website ~ I have reproduced two below.

There is also a gîte next to and owned by the château. This also has a troglodyte room built into the roadside bank. Next to the gîte there are a number of holes in the bank which appear to be man-made. Perhaps these were storage areas or, maybe, they link to the gîte or château. Fear of adders keeps me from looking to deeply into this!

Earlier this spring as I was ambling along the D100 just beyond the château and the gîte in the direction of Neuilly le Brignon when I noticed an animal track that crossed the road. At first I thought it was a deer or fox trail so I followed it down towards the River Brignon. After a very short while I came across an old troglodyte dwelling sitting in what looks like a small abandoned stone quarry and what appears to be a badger sett.

A few nights later Sandra and I went out at dusk to see if we could spot any badgers and their young – but we were not successful. Another time perhaps.

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