DANGER! Road works ahead at Le Chatelier ~ a tale of life in the fast lane

Earlier this month, my friend, Simon Woodman, had a long, long rant on facebook about the lengthy, and seemingly everlasting, roadworks and delays he experiences during his daily commute between Bristol and Cardiff. This blog is by way of saying he doesn’t really know how lucky he is. If he thinks the M4 is bad then he really ought to try the D100 in the South Touraine! I’ll explain….

There are road works just outside of Le Chatelier (just before you reach the Dolmen). They started in mid-2010 and they are still in progress.

A typical scene of traffic congestion as we approach the D100 roadworks

Slowly edging forward towards the major works

Useful sign....but no sign of activity








Work started, with, I must say, great excitement amongst all of us who live in the area, on what appears to be the strengthening of a tunnel under the road to allow for the channeling of excess water and prevention of flash flooding. (Actually, as the water passes under the road and traffic pass over it should I refer to it as a “bridge” rather than a tunnel? ~ Simon, please advise.)

Elegant craftsmanship ~ the Brignon side of the road/bridge/tunnel seems to be complete

Work in progress ~ the other side of the road however....

A Descartes perspective







This whole complex of roadworks causes acute headaches in the South Touraine, especially on Sundays when we have the duel-problem of market day in Descartes combining with the social necessity of everyone visiting their families for long, leisurely lunches ~ congestion hardly describes it. You may also note the absence of white lines which adds to the whole sense of danger as one drives along the D100 (fortunately many local drivers take advantage of the handy ditches [refuges?] which, conveniently, can be so easily found along the sides of most roads).

But, although it’s taking a long, long time to complete, the work that has been carried out to date on the tunnel/bridge is of the highest standard as a quick off-road stroll (avoiding the constant traffic) will reveal.

High standard of renovation

Still to be renovated ~ perhaps in 2013?

I have no idea what the object to the right is or what it is for!








So, Simon, I hope this short piece will help you feel better as you slog it out to Cardiff and back each working day. Just to say, “You are not alone. We, in rural France, also suffer daily stresses and inconveniences associated with 21st century life in the fast lane.”

About Jim McNeill

I am a blogger on 'The Social History of the Touraine region of France (37)' and also 'The Colonial History of Pennsylvania and the life & Family of William Penn'. I am a Director of Fresh Ground Group Ltd.
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7 Responses to DANGER! Road works ahead at Le Chatelier ~ a tale of life in the fast lane

  1. Colin Dyson says:

    For added security do they have an extra pair of workmen with stop and go poles to help traffic flow when they are on site?

  2. Tim Ford says:

    Jim, surely the unknown object is a gravity screw to hold the bridge in place in the event of a moon passing very close to the earth! That also explains why there has been no further work on the other side… they were waiting until last w/e to try it out!!

  3. GaynorB says:

    I can see your problem.
    So…….. I am prepared to offer you a once in a lifetime swap. I’ll take on the D100 and you can do the M6 north of Birmingham!

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