Map of Paulmy Chateau, South Touraine, Central France

Paulmy Coat of Arms ~ 1575

Paulmy is a small district in the valley of the River Brignon in the South Touraine. It’s original name was paulmissois. The map of 1575, reproduced below, comes from the Annual Year book published by the Paulmy Commune for the year 2006.

According to an article in the year book the foundation of Paulmy is down to Voyer Basil, a Greek knight, whom Charles the Bald (823 – 877) gave the land as a reward for his services.

Pierre de Voyer and his wife Margaret Betz (1), Paulmy rebuilt an existing château by 1449. The chapel was blessed by the Archbishop of Tours in 1476. It was dedicated to Saint Nicolas and was served by five priests.

The château was bought in 1750 by Marc-Pierre Voyer d ‘Argenson, minister of war.
and, in the eighteenth century,  Château de Paulmy had parkland of over 100 hectares, with an orchard, vineyards and meadows.
The family d’Oyron owned the  château until the early twentieth century and it was then sold to the publishing firm Hachette and was mainly used as depot. It was put at disposal of the army during World War II.
Finally the city of Paris acquired château and turned it into a summer camp managed by the association AGOSPAP and its director there is one Bernard Lemoine.

(1) Is Margaret Betz assosiated with the nearby town of Betz-le-Château?

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