Le Louroux ~ a pretty village of the South Touraine

The pretty village of Louroux is just north of Manthelan (2.5 km) and 28 km south of Tours. It’s on the D50 which links Ligueil with the city of Tours.

According to Wilipedia, residents of the village say the name “the Louroux” comes from a red wolf that once prowled in the vicinity of the hamlet.

But the official village web site says,” Le Louroux “dates from the year 991 or 993 at the time that the Archbishop of Tours, Archambault, donated 3 churches to the abbot of Marmoutier Bernerius, including that of “Saint-Sulpice Oradorio. Until the 12 th century the latter was called, “Ecclesia de Loratorio” and then to 14 th century, “Lorouer” or “Lorreux” around 1536 it was called “Loroux” and finally it became “The Louroux. ”

It hosts quite an active community ~ everytime we pass through there seems to be something going on; a fishing competition, tours around the priory, etc.

It has a fair number of attractions including: a large pond on the edge of the village of some 5 km circumference; a priory (under renovation) with its pigeoncote; campsite; the attractive ‘country house’ on the main road which tells the story of the village and region (unfortunatly closed when we stopped by); Saint-Sulpice church and, of course, Le Louroux is home to the cutest little bus stop in all of France.

It’s a beautiful place to visit and just to linger for a while —- which is exactly what Sandra and I did one bright, sunny afternoon two  weekends ago on our way to Tours airport.

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2 Responses to Le Louroux ~ a pretty village of the South Touraine

  1. GaynorB says:

    The last photograph is the one I recognise from the times when we have driven past.
    You have persuaded me to stop next time!

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