Le Chatelier (37350) ~ maps of this beautiful hamlet

Last year Sam, a young farmer at La Jaquetière, Le Chatelier, in the Commune of Paulmy, was good enough to lend me a map of our hamlet. There was no date but it was not too old, perhaps from the 1940s?

Below is a plan of the Chateau and surrounding buildings from that map. My, and Sandra’s, house is marked as plot 62 and our garden as 63. The field pattern of plots 64 and 65 can still be seen today as our neighbour, M. Philip Lyon, still uses the strip marked ’64’ as part of his main potager.

Map of the Chateau and surrounding buildings, Le Chatelier (37)

Here is a plan of Le Châtelier’s mill or Moulin ~ now a holiday home ~ which is on the D100 towards Neuilly-le-Brignon. The plan clearly shows how a channel was used to send the water of the Brignon to the mill wheel. I presume the mill was originally owned by the Chateau and ground the grain supplied by local peasants. The water system around Le Châtelier is quite complicated with various fossé ways and drainage ditches.

Moulin de Chatelier

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