Jean Vimenet ~ painter, sculpter and actor of the Touraine

Jean Viminet plaque in the park at Neuilly le Brignon

Observant readers of a recent blog contacted me to ask who is  Jean Vimenet commemorated in the park of Neuilly le Brignon? So, here a brief biog of this Touraine-born painter and sculptor:

Vimenet was born in Tours, May 21, 1914 and, when he was aged just 14, he enrolled at the Beaux-Arts in Tours. During 1931-2 he was patronised by many of the richest families of Tours. He entered the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1932.

In 1938 he exhibited at the National Gallery of Tours and the Salon d’Automne in Paris where he exhibited the violin player. He worked directly for Edouard Vuillard (November 11, 1868 – June 21, 1940) on a mural commissioned by the League of Nations in Geneva: the Muses protecting peace..

In 1939 he was drafted into the French armed forces. Upon being demobilised in 1940 he worked in theater (he was later to work in the French film/animation industry).

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In 1952 he won the Abd-el-Tif paintings and the prize of a  two-year stay in the Villa Abd-el-Tif, Algiers.

In 1962, he lived in Cachan (a southern suburb of Paris). 1980 saw his next move was to Neuilly le Brignon. The New Republic Central West reported him saying: “This homecoming is acting on me like a balm of youth. I’ve never worked so hard. Far from the hustle and chatter of Paris, I rediscover the light of my country. .. ”

A retrospective was held in 1985 at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Tours.

Jean Vimenet died on 26th May 1999.

Sources of further information and images of his work:

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