Flint Museum at Le Grand-Pressigny, Touraine

This magnificent and newly revamped museum of prehistory at Le Grand-Pressigny re-opened in September 2009. It covers human history in the surrounding district from the Middle Paleolithic until the decline in importance of flint in favor of bronze.

The museum presents the evolution of the tools used, the changing lives of prehistoric peoples including their burial practices and the social and economic changes from the Paleolithic to the Bronze Age.

While all this may be of interest to some or many visitors, for me the star of the show is the new museum building itself (below). It’s ultra modern and totally compliments the remains of the original defensive fortress which was originally built there about in the middle ages (c.1193) with Renaissance modifications. Strong feelings abound regarding the modernist/minimalist style of the new buildings ~ anacdotally this seems to be coming from English ex-pats ~ but it is a typically daring example of the best of late 20th and 21st Century French architecture; top quality materials, superb craftsmanship creating contemporary buildings and structural additions which stand, tastefully and unashamedly, alongside much older structures. For me it’s stunning, liberating, fresh and a great contribution to Europe’s historic buildings-in-waiting ready for future generations to visit and enjoy.

If you want to visit the beautiful town of Le Grand-Pressigny, its museum and Chateau (the southernmost of all the Loire Chateaux) then Thursday could be a good day when there’s a small, early morning market in the town square.

For more details or to contact the Museum visit: www.prehistoiregrandpressigny.fr

I have posted more images of the museum here. Also, do visit Tim’s site with its great photos of the museum and flint working: http://flint-tools-in-touraine.blogspot.com

About Jim McNeill

I am a blogger on 'The Social History of the Touraine region of France (37)' and also 'The Colonial History of Pennsylvania and the life & Family of William Penn'. I am a Director of Fresh Ground Group Ltd.
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10 Responses to Flint Museum at Le Grand-Pressigny, Touraine

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  4. Axelle says:

    This is really THE museum every pupil knows in Touraine! I have great souvenirs of it. I don’t know if it still exists but when I was a child there was an aera where children could search like real archaeologists and they could bring what they found home (like “silex”, I don’t know the word in english).

    • Jim McNeill says:

      Hi Axelle
      There is now a classroom (or two?) dedicated for children’s activities and also as seminar rooms for those who want to study pre-history. In the musem itself there are also other children-friendly areas. Come over to Le Chatelier some time with Aiden and we can all go for another visit!
      PS Silex in English is ‘flint’ (like in the Flintstones!)

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  8. Jim McNeill says:

    Yes Colin, the Museum does do audio guides in English and also in other languages.
    But, when I visited in early 2010, they were not providing any translated written guides (much to the embarrassment of the staff on duty!). Perhaps, because the museum had not then been re-opened for long, this may have been rectified. Do any other readers have more up-to-date information?

  9. Colin Dyson says:

    Fab stuff Jim, does the Musuem do guides, audio or written, in English? Cheers Colin

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