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Demarccation Line, Descartes, South Touraine

It seems that no matter how often you visit a place there’s always something new…something you’ve missed. Here’s the Demarcation Line marker at the very edge of the town, on the Avenue du Maréchal Leclerc.      

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“A Pause in the Holocaust” ~ protection of jews during the Italian Occupation of SE France

Further to the interest in my recent postings on the Demarcation Line in the Touraine I thought readers might be interested in this English version of the short, French-made documentary “A Pause in the Holocaust” on the Italian Occupation of … Continue reading

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The WW2 Demarcation Line ~ Ligueil, South Touraine

This map comes from the Resistance in the Touraine’s web site – further details here. Do view my previous blogs on the local Demarcation Line here and here. Double click on the map for a larger image.

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Forgotten Heroes – Channel Islander Resistance during WW2

Over the holiday period I was reading a book published in 1946 of the experience of Nazi occupation in the Channel Islands, ‘Jersey under the Nazi Jackboot’. I’ve also come across this University of Cambridge video dealing with resistance by … Continue reading

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La Ligne de démarcation ~ The Demarcation Line at Ligueil

There is a new web site that’s online dealing with the Second World War demarcation line and the liberation of Ligueil in the South Touraine, Loire Valley, France. It links to my previous posting on the sign that was errected … Continue reading

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Notes on Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, in the city of Tours ~ fresh veg, Yankie shoes and union strikes

Saint-Pierre-des-Corps is on the site of an ancient Bronze Age settlement and it was on its current boundaries that the Romans once burned their dead. From the Middle Ages to the 20th Century it was an area for market gardening … Continue reading

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Demarcation line marker in the Touraine

Hi all, it’s been a while since I’ve posted ~ just been too busy with life & work. Here are a couple of images of one of a series of markers that have been erected in the South Touraine to … Continue reading

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War Memorials in the village cemetery of Paulmy, South Touraine, France (37)

Below are images of memorials in the cemetery of Paulmy in the South Touraine to those who were killed during the two World Wars (1914-18 and 1939-45).

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Descartes: French Resistance and the Demarcation Line

When France signed L’Armistice on  June 22, 1940 the Germans set up a whole series of measure to limit the circulation of the people, goods and the postal traffic between two zones either side of the ‘Demarcation Line’ which separated … Continue reading

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Harvest time at Truyes in the Touraine, c.1940s

Below is another image from the book, Visage de la Touraine. It shows a farmer at harvest time working his team of two horses in the countryside around the Touraine village of Truyes. Truyes is near the town of Cormery … Continue reading

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